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Education & Employment Adviser

Sutton Sutton


£24000 - 27000



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Sutton Sutton

The Role

An Education & Employment Adviser is responsible for the attraction, registration and progression of Young People, to achieve sustained employment, training, continued education, course enrolment and completion or work experience outcomes. An Education and Employment Adviser will provide individualised Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) and use a variety of techniques including effective diagnosis, individual and group coaching and mentoring, maximising on any specific funding or resources available to achieve these outcomes.

An Education & Employment Adviser will work towards strict targets, quality assurance processes and guidelines in accordance with the programme and funding obligations and Reed in Partnership process. This is not an exhaustive list and an Education & Employment Adviser will be expected to carry out any other duties as may be specified by their manager from time to time. This profile is non-contractual.

Reed in Partnership requires the full commitment and cooperation of its employees to strictly adhere to the company policies, which include health and safety, diversity and safeguarding policies*.

Attraction and Registration

Attraction and Registration normally includes maintaining up-to-date knowledge and strong relationships with partners and community organisations that may refer young people to us. It may also include conducting outreach activity such as door knocking , touring streets, shopping centres, attending job fairs and employer visits, school assemblies or partner events in order to inspire and motivate young people to engage with our services. This will also include contributing to the team efforts, liaison with the Marketing team on content and design for marketing material, distribution of material and negotiation of referral agreements.

 Pitches and sells Reed in Partnership as the partner of choice both individually to potential programme participants and in a variety of formal and informal settings to partner or referral organisations
 Develops own knowledge of Reed in Partnership, the relevant programme (and others that may be relevant) in order to successfully register eligible young people and signpost to other provision those that may not be eligible.
 Builds and maintains relationships with Job Centre Plus, Schools & Colleges, Apprenticeship and Welfare to Work providers (including other parts of Reed) and other relevant Partners through telephone contact, visits, presentations and newsletters as appropriate to ensure attraction of young people to the programme.
 Carries out detailed registration processes efficiently, explaining all components of the process clearly and succinctly for young people, verifying eligibility against programme criteria, checking identity, residency and age (where contractually required), ensuring that all forms and processes are fully and properly completed, while keeping young people engaged with the ultimate aims and goals of their registration and the programme.

Engagement and Diagnosis

Education & Employment Advisers plan for their appointments with young people to ensure effective use of time, rapport building and an adequate two way exchange with the young person. In some cases they may hand out induction material. Using a variety of forms and processes such as the Getting to Know You, Interview and Engagement, referral forms and the basic skills (skills for life) assessment, Education & Employment Advisers will identify the young person’s goals, aspirations and first level barriers either directly or through internal and external contacts.

 Provides good customer service to young people including meeting and greeting young people in a friendly and engaging but thoroughly professional way.
 Explains the detail of the programme including ensuring the young person understands their rights and responsibilities.
 Identifies and utilises various approaches where appropriate such as Better Off Calculations (BOC), visionary goal setting, self assessments, backwards career planning, motivational interviewing and applicable financial incentives to sell the benefits of the programme and to adequately diagnose first level barriers.
 Identifies, clarifies and manages the young person’s expectations of the process including data protection, confidentiality, safeguarding, health and safety and equality and diversity and ground rules of the programme and the relationship in order to achieve buy-in to the programme.
 Liaises with relevant partners to inform them of the Young Person’s registration, to assist with first level and/or deeper level barriers as appropriate.
 Identifies appropriate short and long term solutions and interventions as required by the young person’s needs, programme constraints and opportunities. This may include signposting to internal or external provision, additional specialist resources or specific short courses.

Progression of young people

The goal is ultimately to progress young people into and maintain in sustainable employment, work experience, continued education or training opportunities through agreement to and management of a joint action plan. There will be significant milestones and activities en route to achieving these goals which while specific to the individual may include career goals identification, job search skills, empowerment and confidence building, registration and enrolment with accredited and non-accredited training providers (including schools and colleges), work trials and volunteering. Education & Employment Advisers segment their caseloads in order to ensure all young people they are working with make timely progress.

Education & Employment Advisers actively manage Government financed spend also known as Personal Job Accounts (PJAs) or bursary funds to apply full resources that achieve sustainable employment, work experience, education or training outcomes. Examples of PJA/bursary expenditure includes bus passes, interview clothes, subsistence or any other input that may improve a young person’s progression.

 Develops and manages young person’s career goals and aspirations for education and training using creative techniques and deep level questioning as necessary for the young person’s needs, to assist with diagnosis and progression.
 Appropriately classifies, segments and progresses young people in relation to identifiable features of their action plan, seeking opportunities for group work and peer interaction where possible
 Motivates, encourages and empowers young people, identifying barriers, job goals and social training needs, referring to the internally and externally provided training courses and lesson delivery as appropriate, education & training or external interventions as the programme allows and/or requires it.
 Develops the young person’s job and education search strategy and skills by assisting with long term planning and, where necessary in the short term, internet job and course searching, CV creation and application assistance, interview techniques and identification of job and qualification related skills.
 Advises young people on emergent barriers addressing practical and explicit barriers upfront, making full use of Government Funding or PJA as required.
 Leads three way reviews following a training or other internal or external intervention, with the young person and the trainer, adviser, teacher or support worker to ensure progression and outcomes are embedded and captured.
 Regularly records and reviews individualised action plans with all young people ensuring that all soft and hard goals are captured, monitored and developed in the appropriate format for the contracts we are working on.

Employer & Training Provider Opportunity Development

Education & Employment Advisers sell the benefits of Reed in Partnership, the programme, or a specific young person to employers, training providers, schools or colleges or internal contacts (Recruitment Manager/Skills Broker) to achieve a continuing education, employment, training or work experience outcome. They will research the individual employer or training provider assessment process preparing the young person accordingly. Education & Employment Advisers will manage relationships with employers, schools and colleges & training providers and negotiate the process to ensure placement, following up with both the young person and the employer or training Provider to ensure a smooth transition.

 Researches and maintains up to date knowledge of the local labour market, employers and industry sectors, courses, in-school provision, qualifications and work experience opportunities.
 Identifies appropriate internal and external contacts to build, develop and maintain relationships as a source of referral of vacancies, placement opportunities, courses or appropriate interventions and support. This may include existing teaching staff or support workers for the Young Person as well as sourcing new forms of support.
 Sells the benefits of Reed in Partnership and specific young people, preparing those individuals to achieve placements and/or continuing education outcomes through proactive problem resolution, business development or enquiry calls and submission of winning CVs or applications forms.
 Makes decisions and advocates on behalf of the young person under the agreed action plans including initial business development, job, course, vacancy research, interview preparation and final placement as well as interacting with other support workers, teaching or training staff with responsibility for the Young Person.


Sutton Sutton

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